The 2020 International Conference on Biotechnology and Agroforestry Technology (ICBAT2020) is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Biotechnology and  Agroforestry Technology to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Biotechnology and Agroforestry Technology and another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Environmental Biotechnology环境生物技术
Food Biotechnology食品生物技术
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology制药生物技术
Plant biotechnology植物生物技术
Nano Biotechnology纳米生物技术
Biological and biomedical   imaging生物和生物医学成像
Biomedical Computational drug   discovery生物医学计算药物发现
Algorithms, models, software,   and tools in Bioinformatics 生物信息学中的算法、模型、软件和工具
Enzyme Engineering酶工程
Thermal processing热处理
Non-thermal food processing非热食品加工
Advanced Machine Systems先进的机器系统
Bio-machine systems生物机器系统
The impact of bio-based   polymeric materials生物基高分子材料的影响
Biochemical and bio-molecular   engineering生化与生物分子工程
Bioengineering and biomedical   engineering生物工程与生物医学工程
2)Agricultural Biotechnology2)农业生物技术
Agricultural Ergonomics农业人机工程学
Agricultural systems农业系统
Agricultural waste management农业废物管理
Animal Agriculture in the   Globe全球动物农业
Biological natural resource   engineering生物自然资源工程
Product Engineering in the Bio   Industries生物产业中的产品工程
Forest product processing林产品加工
Biological and Medicinal   Chemistry生物医学化学
Improvement of environmental   remediation processes改善环境修复程序
Nanotechnology in agriculture农业纳米技术
Forest meteorological /   hydrological / geography / soil / plant / ecological / physiology森林气象/地理/水文/土壤/生理/生态/植物
Heredity and Breeding of   Forest Trees林木遗传与育种
Forest culture/afforestation森林培养/造林
Forest measurement and   measurement森林测计与测量
Forestry remote sensing林业遥感
Forestry Information   Management林业信息管理
Forestry System Engineering林业系统工程
Forest protection (including   pathology, insects, fire prevention)森林保护(包括病理、昆虫、防火)
Shelterbelt and Economic   Forest防护林与经济林
Protection of forest resources森林资源保护
Exploitation and Utilization   of Wild Plant Resources野生植物资源开发与利用
4)Agricultural Engineering4)农业工程 
Facilities Agricultural   Science and Engineering设施农业科学与工程

Agricultural mechanics  


Agricultural electrification   and automation农业电气化与自动化
Perception and transmission of   agricultural information农业信息感知与传输
Intelligent Detection and   Control System of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment农业机械与装备的智能检测与控制系统
Agricultural Information   Management System农业信息管理系统
Agricultural Water Conservancy   (including Irrigation, Drainage, etc.)农业水利(包括灌溉工程、排水工程等)
Agricultural Bioenvironment   and Energy Engineering农业生物环境与能源工程
Farmland Survey and Zoning农田测量与区划
Agricultural Environmental   Protection Project农业环保工程
Agricultural Systems   Engineering农业系统工程
Storage and Processing of   Agricultural Products农产品贮藏与加工
Processing and Packaging of   Agricultural Products农产品加工及包装工程
Hybrid rice杂交水稻
Research on Genetically   Modified Agriculture转基因农业研究
Crop cultivation and tillage作物栽培与耕作
5) Agricultural Engineering   and Information Technology5)农业工程与信息技术
3S Technology and Its   Application3S技术及应用
Resource remote sensing and   information technology资源遥感与信息技术
Agronomy and Biotechnology农学与生物技术
Agricultural Aviation   Engineering and Technology农业航空工程与技术
Agricultural Information   Engineering农业信息化工程
Computer Vision Technology计算机视觉技术
Software Engineering软件工程
Intelligent Information   Processing智能信息处理
Surveying and Remote Sensing测绘与遥感
Power and machinery in   agriculture农业动力与机械
Precision farming and variable   rate technology 精准农业和可变利率技术
6)Other Related Research6)其他相关研究

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