Welcome Assoc. Prof. XinJun Liao from Jinggangshan University, Jiangxi, China to be Commitee Member!

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Assoc. Prof. XinJun Liao

Jinggangshan University/College of life sciences, Jiangxi, China

Research Area: Animal genetics and developmental biology

Research Experience:

From September 2003 to June 2006,Assoc. Prof. XinJun Liao had carried out studies on genetic diversity and phyletic evolution for sheep and yak in Yangzhou university and the National Germplasm Resource Center, respectively. From September 2010 to June 2015, he focused on the identification of the candidate genes for umbilical hernia in swine learning from professor Lusheng Huang-Academician of Chinese academy of sciences in Jiangxi agriculture university. Since July 2015, He has been mainly engaged in the developmental biology research, such as vascular and bone development. In addition, in line with the purpose of serving local, I have been providing scientific and technological assistance for local poultry and peacock circular and ecological breeding.

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